Our Team

We are a diverse team with significant depth of knowledge across sectors, markets, and functions and the cultural context to engage with local partners and manage market complexities successfully. Our expansive experiences allow us to assess investments differently from our peers and truly embed ourselves in the businesses we are invested in.
Post-investment we place emphasis on portfolio operations as a key driver of value. We connect management teams to opportunities, our extensive networks, and resources, provide strategic expertise, and complement them operationally.
Jonathan Oppenheimer Founder and Chairman
Jacob Hinson Founding Partner
Scott Brodsky Founding Partner
Frederic Dupouy Investment Director
Modise Madondo Investment Director
Zelda Denny Investment Director
Michael Adiukwu Investment Director
Lara Rabiu Investment Director
Neeraj Shah Chief Financial Officer
Marisa Pillay Accountant
Willem Els Investment Associate
Galetume Rampedi Investment Associate
Antonette Shkaidy Executive Assistant
Catherine Kirton Executive Assistant
Cynthia Nkomo Executive Assistant
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