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We are committed to building enduring businesses, industries and communities in Africa while generating strong returns


Oppenheimer Partners is a global investment holding company with roots firmly in Africa.

It was founded by Jonathan Oppenheimer together with Jacob Hinson, Scott Brodsky and Martin Hess in 2016 with the ambition of investing long-term engaged capital and partnering with aligned investors and management teams to grow businesses on the African continent and beyond.

This vision is supported by a diverse team of experts with strong experience in investing, operating, and doing business in Africa and key global markets.




We invest globally, whilst recognising that we maintain a significant competitive advantage in Africa.


Active Partnership

We view ourselves as partners to our portfolio companies, not simply capital providers. We provide strategic inputs through active engagement with management and various governance structures.


Permanent Capital

We invest long term patient capital with no pressure to exit. We have a proven model that balances value creation, returns and sustainability. We focus our efforts on few companies that serve as platforms for regional and global expansion.


Positive Impact

We view our success as being intrinsically linked to the prosperity of the partners and communities in which we operate. We embrace our responsibility to make measurable contributions and to create a more inclusive economies.



We focus our efforts on few companies that serve as platforms for regional and global expansion.

Our Approach

We target quality growing businesses with strong fundamentals and management teams with agility and operational prowess then partner with them to deliver ambitious growth plans sustainably


The core of our strategy at Oppenheimer Partners is a twin desire to create a long-term portfolio of businesses, where we can drive value by sharing our operational, legal and financial expertise, while at the same time generating prosperity for the communities in which we operate.

We are confident that this approach will lay the foundations for an investment group that can span the key pillars and sectors of our chosen markets, buildintg on the Oppenheimer family’s legacy and commitment towards making a meaningful and positive impact on society.

We are excited to see the concept of Oppenheimer Partners moving to maturity, and becoming part of the Oppenheimer family’s 120-year journey in Africa. - Jonathan Oppenheimer

- Jonathan Oppenheimer

Investment Sector Focus

We invest across several sectors but prioritize FMCG, services and industrial. We do not invest in sinful sectors and primary agriculture and prefer not to invest in real estate, banks, food retail, mining and other extractive sectors.


Food & beverage, Pharamecuticals and Consumables


Manufacturing, ICT, Energy


Business and Consumer Services
Our aim is to create sustainable business legacy that extends well beyond our lifetime

- Jacob Hinson

Partnership – in the true sense – are key sustainable success

- Scott Brodsky

Aims are – and will always be – to: earn profits [commercial returns] in such a way as to make a real and permanent contribution to the wellbeing of (or positive social, economic, environmental impact to) the communities we operate

- Jonathan Oppenheimer

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